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Что такое GMAT?

gmat_vocabularyGMAT test is a Graduate Management Admission Test in English, which evaluates the analytical ability and is the main criterion for admission to business schools and universities in the MBA program, Master’s degree, PhD, EMBA, etc. As a test of general education, it checks speaking, writing and mathematical account skills and therefore requires a high level of English language proficiency. Questions are selected individually according to the level of the examinee, so that the questions are not too easy or too difficult.

GMAT consists of 4 sections:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment ,
  • Quantitative Section,
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Critical Reasoning.

After completing all the tasks, the examinee will receive four grades: grade for Quantitative Section, grade for Verbal Section, grade for Analytical Writing Assessment and total grade of 200 to 800 points.


Courses by Kevin has developed a three month focused preparation course for advanced students who wish to beat the GMAT.

We also a six week preparation course that meets the needs of the following students:

  • A. Students who need to take the GMAT urgently
  • B. Working adults who lack the time to take the courses during the week


During the course we work on all sections of the GMAT thoroughly by teaching you must-have strategies to answer the questions in the fastest possible manner and by analyzing hundreds of GMAT questions. We cover in separate sessions, focussing Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Sentence Correction. We also work on the Quantitative Section in detail. Finally, we get down to the writing section to ensure that everything is covered in detail.

Kevin carries many years of experience in coaching GMAT and he has developed a focused and rigorous preparation course to the GMAT. Kevin thinks that the best way to prepare to the GMAT is through analyzing hundreds of tough retired GMAT questions to best master the strategies covered in class.

Thus, our students are under constant monitor and supervision to ensure that everything is without a hitch!!

90% of students need professional preparation course for tests


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